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Florennes‘ Squadron Anniversaries

Special markings on combat jets are an important part to honour the history and heritage of Fighter Squadrons. Despite its relatively small size, the Belgium Air Component, or formerly Belgian Air Force, ...

Dark Falcon - Belgian F-16 Demo Team

... Air Force, the „Dark Falcon Team“ in the air and on ground, 2nd Tactical Wing of the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces at Florennes Air Force Base and Nicolas for this very special opportunity! ...

Airbus Manching Family Day

... Beluga’s that are used to transport component parts of the civil airliners all around the European continent. airshows/16_manching/beluga airshows/16_manching/nora Tornados and Eurofighters could ...

Florennes Airshow

... now became the Belgian Air Component as part of the Armed Forces). airshows/12_florennes/f16spit airshows/12_florennes/ajet airshows/12_florennes/f16b airshows/12_florennes/a109 airshows/12_florennes/so ...

Zhuhai Airshow

...  answer to the market for small jet-powered airlines. It is based on components of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and powered by two CF34-10A engines. airshows/10_zhuhai/ac313 airshows/10_zhuhai/ma60 ...

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