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Tsuiki Airshow

... each airbase applied special markings to their aircraft! airshows/14_tsuiki/form With 304 Hikotai flying the F-15J and F-15DJ and the 6 Hikotai equipped with the Mitsubishi F-2A and F-2B the chance ...

Kyushu Warriors

... o take pleasure in the vast amont of F-15J and F-15DJ Eagles of the 23 Hikotai, which is responsible for F-15 pilot training. They often fly with up to 8 aircraft at the same time, and do several touch&go ...

Nyutabaru Air Festa 2012

... nd attack demonstration by the F-4EJ Phantoms, two F-15DJ Aggressors in the air and also a nice demo by a pair of F-15J Eagles belonging to the 23rd Hikotai, the F-15 training Squadron. airshows/12_nyuta/A ...

Japan & China 2010

...  followed by the phabulous Phantoms. Again four of the Aggressors left, and this time the missing green-painted F-15DJ, which remained on the flightline the previous day, did also take part. Obviously bei ...

Nyutabaru Airshow

... 50 Rescue demo, 1*U-125A, 1*UH-60J # 1155-1110 2*F-4EJkai(301sqn.) # 1115-1130 1*F-15DJ(23sqn.) # 1315-1355 Blue Impulse # 1400-1445 Para.-drop from C-1 special/09_japan2/51 But due to the non-fly ...

Japan 2008 Trip

...  401. Sqn    green camouflage 97-8421    F-4EJ Kai    JASDF / 301. Sqn     77-8394    F-4EJ Kai    JASDF / 301. Sqn     82-8091    F-15DJ    JASDF / Hiko Kyodotai    Aggressor dark green / brown           ...

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