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Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF 2018

... Slovakia. But the SIAF airshow was also a clear sign that the Slovak Air Force is in the state of transition to Western equipment. UH-60 Blackhawks were flying in formation with the venerable Mil Mi-17, ...

SIAF Airshow 2016 Sliac

... in previously unseen angles. airshows/16_siaf/l410 Busy were also the helicopters. The Mil Mi-17 executed some firefighting, other helicopters were in the air for the demonstration of Search and Rescue ...

NATO Days Ostrava

... WWII livery and from the Czech side also a Mi-17 of the Flight Training Center (CLV) from Pardubice. A bit hidden in the static area amongst the C-130 Hercules was also a Swedish Air Force UH-60 / Hkp ...

SIAF 2015

...  throughout its inventory replacements with newer, Western-build types are foreseen. UH-60s will replace the venerable Mi-17 as a combat helicopter, mainly used for transport and rescue, 2 C-27J Sparta ...

Russian Air Force

... on of different types including the Mi-17 "Hip", Mi-24 "Hind", Ka-50 "Hokum" and Ka-52 "Alligator" was led by the huge Mi-26 "Halo", and a display team of Mi-28 "Havoc" gave a nice presentation. onbase/12_ ...

NATO Days Ostrava

... 2 The "Flying Bulls" B-25 was the only civil act and followed shortly afterwards just before the demonstration of an assault with hostage taking with heliborne drop off including Mi-171 and assault of Mi- ...

SIAF 2011

...  a Mi-17, showing of the European, NATO, Slovak and SIAF flag was next, followed by parachutists out of an An-26. airshows/11_siaf/tu5 airshows/11_siaf/tu51 As also shown during previous Slovak sh ...

Aviasvit XXI

...  a highly modified, and US-registered, Mi-17. airshows/10_aviasvit/static In previous years the Ukrainian Air Force did participate, the Antonov fleet did show a formation fly-by ... but nothing of tha ...

NLD Piestany

... But nevertheless, there was a Mi-17, 3x Mi-24, 3x L-39, 3x MiG-29 and an An-32 in the air! airshows/10_piestany/fly-by airshows/10_piestany/Mig_Solo airshows/10_piestany/Migs airshows/10_piestany/Migs2 ...

90 years Czech Air Force

... was a fly-by of 2 Gripens and 3 ALCAs, followed by parachutists jumping out of a Mi-17. Gripen QRA take-off & opening formation flight ---- ---- ---- Czech AF helicopters & civil L-29  ...

CIAF 2008

... and Mi-171 were missing in the air. Czech Air Force - Formation Fly-By ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Of all the participating aircraft three Mi-24s were hovering ...

NLD Piestany - Slovak Air Show

... 3x Mi-17, 3x Mi-24, 3x L-410, 3x L-39 and 3x MiG-29 that performed a nice split at the end of the runway. The missing type in the inventory of the SlAF, an An-26 served some parachutist shortly afterwar ...

ILA Berlin 2008

... ' scheme and the Croatian Mi-171 helicopter. For the civil aircraft the new Airbus A330 for Jet Airways was one of the bigger exhibits as was the German DLR's recently acquired A320 that currently serves as ...

Israel Base Visits

...  brought into another hangar with old stored aircraft and two Russian Mi-17s, that were currently undergoing maintenance there. The other aircraft included Kfirs, Mirages, the first IAI Lavi aircraft an ...

CIAF 2006

...  They showed nearly all their flying aircraft types, as already the fly-by consisted of 3-ships of Mi-17/171S, Mi-24/35, L-39ZA, L-159 and two JAS-39C Gripen.Two of the L-159 ALCAs came back after the ...

CIAF 2005

...  with a fly-by of 3-ship formations of Czech Air Force (CzAF) helicopters and aircraft consisting of Mi-17, Mi-24, L-39, L-159 and Gripens. Two of the Gripens were even armed with Sidewinders depictin ...

SIAD 2004

... 4 Hind ---- ---- ---- ---- W3 Sokol ---- ---- ---- ---- Special Forces Mi-17 ---- ---- ---- ---- The "Flying Circus" ---- ---- - ...

Pratica di Mare Airshow - Arrivederci Spillone

...  was sparse, but included nevertheless interesting examples like Turkish RF-4E, the German s/c MiG-29 and a Hungarian Mi-17 and Mi-24. A good start of the year, many of the following shows in 2004 wil ...

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