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Good Bye SAR Huey at THR 30

...  Niederstetten became the first of a total of three German SAR bases to make the transfer to this new Light Utility Helicopter for Search And Rescue (LUH SAR) tasks of the Bundeswehr. Nörvenich will  ...

Blue Wings 2020 Exercise

A historic first! August 2020 saw the visit of Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16C/D “Barak” fighter jets deploying to Germany. With security on high alert and very restricted access to Nörvenich air base,  ...

Manching WTD61

... a flying display of jet aircraft. Where? Manching, Bavaria, Germany When? 13/06/2015 airshows/15_wtd61/form Nörvenich’s Eurofighter wing, the combat helicopters at Fritzlar and the transport  ...

50 years JG74

...  operating this aircraft: JG73 from Laage, JG74 from Neuburg and JaboG 31 from Nörvenich. The formation flew by twice in diamond formation before coming in to land, with the anniversary jet doing a touch ...

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