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Vietnam Aviation Relics

... other fascinating views: airforces/13_vietnam/v1 airforces/13_vietnam/v2 airforces/13_vietnam/v3 airforces/13_vietnam/v4  ...

Osan Airpower Day 2011

... s were the cause amongst the visitors, as some spots along the fence would have provided some nice and rare views of the aircraft in action and ready to depart. The desire to photograph these rare vie ...

India 2011

...  forecast for Bangalore with 30°C during the day and more than 10 hours of sun throughout the whole week seemed to be true. special/11_india/ban-views I used this 'day off' to discover the city. Wi ...

Royal Jordanian Falcons Aerobatic Flight

... t landscape in Wadi Rum are only a few of the highlights that every visitor should go and see. Here are some of my views of an excellent holiday there: Wadi Rum from above air2air/10_rjf/11 Sigh ...

Nyutabaru Airshow

... een there for this show and fortunately I was at the airfield the week before and saw at least some of the training flights of the Aggressors for their show display, presenting excellent topside views of t ...

Edwards Flight Test Nation

... hnology programms and future trends. For example this year featured the appearance of the F-35C, and X-47 mock-up, Boeing's X-48B testbed and close up-views of many many more aircraft.   And as if yo ...

Duxford Flying Legends

Though many aircraft of the "The Fighter Collection" (TFC) were grounded this year, the Flying Legends Airshow 2009 offered many stunning views and was rated by many amongst the best events ever that Duxfor ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... ision to spend a relaxed day without any aircraft. In preparation for the next two weeks we started the first day in Japan with a full Japanese style breakfast. This decision brought us some weird views  ...

Planespotting Tour Japan 2008

... o the sky and even the clouds were about to disappear. So we were lucky at this airfield with some nice views during the last hours of the day, and temperatures around 15C make this spotting in Decemb ...

Polish AF

... gave some interesting views and information about the transformation from being one of the Warsaw Pact's biggest Air Forces to become considerably smaller without loosing its strike force by employing mor ...

Shuttleworth Evening Air Display

...  land back on merchant ships that were modified to have a small flight deck. The pilot put the aircraft skilfully through its paces and the setting sun provided some stunning views of that aircraft in th ...

Jacqueline Cochran Airshow

... e nearby San Diego area. After a very patriotic start the flying started with some 'previews' for the show in the afternoon, amongst them were the Patriots, a civil aerobatic team flying L-39s, and some ...

USA South West

... iotic start the flying started with some 'previews' for the show in the afternoon, amongst them were the Patriots, a civil aerobatic team flying L-39s, and some of the other airshow acts.   The Patr ...

Israel Base Visits

... and. As a reply I only showed towards one of the nice escorts, and people's views were even more am afterwards as we have got a permission for photography... When Ramat David was done we had a quick ice ...

MiGs against Hornets

...  ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Take-Offs ----  ---- --- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- Views from the Tower ---- --- --- - ...

Flight of Dreams - Do-24 ATT Flying Boat

...  On our descend back to Oberpfaffenhofen we also passed the beergarden of the famous monastery of Andechs, which made me even thirstier for a good cold beer after that succesful day. Stunning views ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

... ! I pick up Florian and we are driving to the airport to meet Patrick there who will arrive from Cologne and fly with us to Tokyo from Munich. At the check-in we get some strange views because of our lugga ...

RoIAS 2006

... lic, and the beautiful Romanian girls ;) Of course I was pleased as well enjoying these views and some very tasty barbecued "Micis". Therefore I am quite sure that RoIAS put a solid basis for other aero ...

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18 Radom 1808 6835

Radom Airshow 2018

Radom Airshow 2018 had the Polish Air Force’s 100th anniversary as a main theme. Concluding from past events the expectations were very high, and the event attracted highlights such as the Ukrainian Suchoi Su-27 Flanker or the JF-17 from Pakistan for the flying display. In Read More
19  1908 0740

Taiwan Planespotting

This was another plane spotting trip to Taiwan. Even though it has a vivid aviation photography scene, it’s tropical climate and a military on high alert do not make it an easy country to pursue this hobby. With the aim to photograph some aircraft of Read More
19 BAF 1905 4410

Dark Falcon - Belgian F-16 Demo Team

10.000ft above Belgium the howling sound of the Lockheed Martin’s F-16AM Fighting Falcon F100 jet engine could clearly be heard. No wonder, as the Demo Pilot for the Belgian Air Force, Sr. Cpt Darte, callsign „Vador“, knows how to place his jet only meters behind Read More
18 Pilsen 1809 8264

Pilsen Air Show

This airshow was held to celebrate 100 years of aviation in Pilsen / Plzeň. Even though this fourth most populous city in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, is undeniably better known for the type of blond lager beer to which the city gave its name, it also Read More
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