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Day 14, Tokyo - Sightseeing, 12/11

Toky 1As always we got up at 7am to discover this mega-city Tokyo, but Patrick preferred to stay in the room due to his severe cold. Looking out of the hotel room we saw in contrast to the gray night yesterday a marvellous blue sky. No wonder, because we did not plan to photograph any aircraft today… However our first stop was the Yasukuni-jinja Yushukan War Museum.Toky 2
Three interesting aircraft can be found at this Museum, which also gives a broad overview - mainly in Japanese language - of the Japanese war history, with a special interest in the Kamikaze attacks during WWII: a Zero, a Suisei and a Ohka. We then went back to the underground station once again and once more did need some assistance in finding the right line and right direction. Fortunately the Japanese are very polite and life is highly service-orientated, because it did not even take one minute looking in our plan until a servicewoman approached us and went along with us a little bit to show us the right train! Then the station counting began and we got out at the city hall building, the To-cho. From there you can get a breathtaking sight of the city from the 45th floor - for free. As we got out of the lift and had a look outside the windows we were speechless … Houses up to the horizon, in every direction. Far away, unfortunately behind a cloud, Mt. Fuji was hiding. What a sight! And it did take some time to realize all this.

Yasukuni-jinja Yushukan War Museum

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Tokyo Tourism

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Toky 5The next stop, not too far by foot from these two skyscrapers, was the Yoyogi Park nearby Tokyo's biggest Shinto Shrine, the Meiji Shrine, can be visited, and we were lucky to attend a children's festival and also saw a Japanese wedding. In style we sat down for some fried noodles and observed everything that was happening around us. We have been in Japan already for quite a long time at that moment, but the sights and sounds were still uncommon, but not that strange anymore.
Leaving the park we listened to a Punk Rock band near the train station, before driving to the Ginza Street where we wanted to buy some model kits. Unfortunately there were only department stores for clothes, so it was a cheap shopping trip for us, but we were disappointed not to find one good Hasegawa or Tamiya kit there.
We walked back to the hotel, because the sun was already setting down and we wanted to get some nice evening photos from our room.

A room with a view

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Toky 4

Patrick did not leave the room for the whole day, but that really helped him to gain some strength for the last few days. After a dinner at the nearby "Wendy's" (we did not dare to have a look at the menu in our hotel) we went to bed quite early. This was also the only time during our trip that we could sleep in the same bed as the day before, and the long walk helped for sure fall asleep quickly.

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