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ValleThe museum at valley is a branch of the famous "Planes of Fame" at Chino, where some nice exhibits can be seen as well. Located at this airport are also the operations of Grand Canyon Airlines, and were very happy to have been given a tour of their historic (original and replica) aircraft in the hangars. It was very nice to see in what excellent – and flying! - condition this small airline is keeping their heritage.



Planes of Fame Museum / Valley

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Oldtimers of Grand Canyon Airlines

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As it is only a short trip from Valley to the Grand Canyon we arrived soon enough to check in at our hotel just before the park entrance and had enough time to walk along the rim before sunset. Unfortunately it was very cloudy that day which led to a disappointing view of the sunset at Hopi point.
And as if it was not already cold enough it got really freezing when the sun disappeared. No wonder, as we were now at 6800 feet above sea level, or Thermal, where we have just been two days before.
Afterwards the local steakhouse offered a piece of meat and red wine to warm up.

Sunset at Grand Canyon

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We got up early to get some photos of the sunrise at 6h50, and to our delight the clouds had disappeared during the night and only some layers of fog were floating in the Grand Canyon. After the breathtaking play of colours most tourists left Mather Point, and it was possible to enjoy it in silence again, before we returned to the hotel to have breakfast.

Snrise at the Grand Canyon

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At the airport we took some photos of the Grand Canyon Airlines Vistaliners, Cessnas of Air Grand canyon, another Allegiant DC-9, several Vision Do328, that were flying tourist from Las Vegas in for their one day stay here, and several helicopters as well. The main reason for the stop at the airport was however the 40min. flight over the Grad Canyon.

Grand Canyon from above

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Grand Canyon Airport

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We then returned to the rim and drove westward with several photo stops admiring the nature, amateur photo models, dogs in baby buggys and being bid farewell by another tourist after he talked with us about our camera equipment: "Peace with you!"

Along the southern rim

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When it was already dark we reached Page and checked in at the local Super8 and had a good sleep.


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