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RoadFor breakfast the coffee was exceptionally good, though we were warned before tasting it by some American: " I would wait a little bit, the coffee is on the strong side" Well, for us it was just allright. Just south of Page is the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado river, where nice photos are possible in the early or late morning and a good wide angle lens. These having made we continued to the local airport where nothing interesting was seen and continued to the Antelope Canyon. The views during the two hours in the Canyon were really exciting, as was the entrance fee (p.P. 6$ for the Navajo reserve and 35$ for the Canyon, shuttle included…)


Horseshoe Bend / Page

321 ---- 322 ---- 323 ---- 324

Antelope Canyon

325 ---- 326 ---- 327 ---- 328

After that we continued to the Monument Valley (where we arrived at 15h30, just early enough to drive around the dusty roads and take some nice photos of the really monumental monoliths from close up. The point near the visitors center offered a good overview for the sunset.

Monument Valley

329 ---- 330 ---- 331 ---- 332

ValleyThe drive north to Moab was very tiring once again as we had to drive during the night and there was place to eat around the route. In complete darkness we arrived there and were very surprised to find a relatively busy city center with many shops and restaurants. During the summer this place must really be alive as many tourist come here to do sports (mountainbiking, hiking,…) in the nearby national parks.
One again a Super8 was the choice for the night and we had a Burger and a beer in one of the Microbreweries.

One more time we got up early as we planned to do some hiking. Unfortunately the breakfast was not that good compared to the one the day before, but good enough to give some strength for the hike to the famous Delicate Arch in the Arches National Park. After this walk we continued to explore the wonders of this park, though we did not see all of its more than 2000 natural sandstone arches.

Arches National Park

333 ---- 334 ---- 335 ---- 336

The drive along the interstate eastwards to the Bryce Canyon was tiring once again, though also quite interesting as the landscape was very diversified: canyons and the desert along the interstate, but when we left to a smaller road leading south again we passed a valley with rivers and trees, which was completely different to the landscape we have seen the days before. Just in time we arrived at the Bryce Canyon for the sunset and checked in at Ruby's Inn, nearly the only place where you can stay there – and you surely pay for that…

Sunrise at the Canyon was around 7am local time and a lot better for photos than the sunset. After a hike down through the Canyon we had breakfast at Subways, a stop at the local airport, passed the Zion National Park continued to Las Vegas along a very boring interstate route.
The days of being surrounded by the beauty of nature were over, it was airshow time once again!!

Bryce Canyon NP

337 ---- 338 ---- 339 ---- 340

Pryce Canon Heliport / Red Canyon / Zion NP

341 ---- 342 ---- 343 ---- 344

StripFriday to Sunday were spent at the Aviation Nation 2007 Airshow at Las Vegas, about which a seperate report can be found in the Airshow section.

Friday evening was spent in Las Vegas downtown, whereas we were at the excellent "Viva Zapata's" Mexican restaurant near the airbase, tasting this lovely food for the last time. Sunday was once more spent at the Strip as we left on Monday.


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