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PhxThe Phoenix area has a lot to offer for the aviation enthusiast! First of all Phoenix Sky Harbour Int'l Airport, with a lot of interesting traffic and the ANG KC-135 tanker base. During our short visit in the morning we mainly took photos of US Airways and Southwest Airlines aircraft, among them some nice special coloured ones. One KC-135 also took off, but was backlit in the morning, as we were looking southwards to the runway from the parking deck at Terminal T3. Later we changed to T4 and found this one to be an excellent spot for taxi shots on the famous bridges connecting the two runways, but only in the afternoon. And as there was nearly no international traffic it got quite boring and we left to Goodyear.


Phoenix Sky Harbour Int'l Airport (PHX)

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Goodyear airport is used for the flight training of several airlines (Lufthansa, SN Brussels Airlines) and the home of several flight schools due its perfect weather conditions. German Luftwaffe pilots will also take their first flight lessons from this airfield. Further on the airport has got a storage area with some more or less exotic aircraft, like an ex-Corsair B747-300, ex-United Airlines DC-10-30, but also some B-727s or a DC-8 and an unknown A340. More was not to be seen there, so we left to Luke shortly afterwards.

Goodyear storage area

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