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Yuma was also high on our wish list due to the special coloured Aggressor F-5 Tigers flying from there. Once again we were greeted by a glorious blue sky, unimaginable in Central Europe at any time of the year, but not before we have been to "Arnie's Café" for breakfast, what a nice place bringing us back to the 60s and serving nice food. Elvis welcomed us at the entry, and most of the people sitting there seemed to have been there also since that time…


The drive around the airfield did not show a lot of activity, it was even so calm that we suspected that this would be a day of no-flying. But nonethelesse we wanted to give it a try and waited at the northern and of the two parallel runways. Unfortunately too close to one of them, as the first parallel take-off of the Aggressor Tigers was nearly overhead of us. They nearly creeped of unheard out of their sunsheds and were not very noisy during take-off. After some anger we moved backward to a better position for the next take-offs of some more F-5E that were also moving. These shots came out quite good, and we took a quick decision to drive around the airfield to get them for the landing as well.

USMC Aggressors F-5E Tiger II

197 ---- 198 ---- 199 ---- 200

BonesA good spot was found nearly in the middle of the desert, but unfortunately good photos were only achievable with long lenses- especially for the small Tigers. But they turned in quite nicely and the sun was still in a good position. But the rest of the morning was very calm. We got to see two Harriers and three C-130J Hercules, that were doing practise approaches. Tired of the driving we used to time for sunbathing and decided already at midday to drive on to El Centro. This was due to the low movements and also due to the awkward position of the sun.

Marine Corps Harriers

201 ---- 202 ---- 203 ---- 204

Yuma visitors

205 ---- 206 ---- 207 ---- 208

The drive to El Centro took us along the Mexican border, and we saw a lot of water, sand dunes and people enjoying their time paing around with some quads.


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