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The next few days until Thursday evening were spent with an extensive tour around the Grand Canyon to enjoy the beauty of nature in this part of Arizona, Nevada and Utah with a first stop at the Joshua Tree National Park.


Dusty RoadThat Sunday we stopped at Laughlin to have a look at the local airport where we saw another Marines C-130 parked on the ramp and an Allegiant DC-9. The spot on the near the airport would be perfect in the morning hours, if there would only be more movements… Kingman and its storage area was next, but we realized that photo opportunities from the outside are better in the afternoon. Nevertheless we tested our car during the off-road track around the airport to take photos of the stored B727s, Lockheed TriStars, Dornier Do328 and many other aircraft.


Laughlin & Kingman airports

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On the road again, next stop Valley / Grand Canyon.

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