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Cv22The 21st century Air Force section was actually the part of the show I was really looking for, as it featured the modern jet displays. Unfortunately after the first publication of the planned flight program this part shrunk more and more, leaving only two jet displays of the A-10 Thunderbolt and the F-22A Raptor, a UAV Parade featuring MQ-1 Predator/MQ-9 Reaper (not on Sunday) fly-bys and the USAF Heritage Flight. The participation of the UAVs was an unfamilar view at an airshow wen they suddenyl seemed to appear from nowhere, though the crowd saw their live coverage of the show for a very long time on the video screens -  a very impressive of their capabilities and surely an outlook for the things to come...
The CV-22 demo had to be cancelled though an Osprey was parked on the display ramp. As a special treat the F-117A filled this gap performed some fly-bys, but not the full demo as the demo team was at Dubai the very same week-end.


F-22A Raptor

345 ---- 346 ---- 347 ---- 348
349 ---- 350 ---- 351 ---- 352
353 ---- 354 ---- 355 ---- 356


Whereas though the full F-22A Raptor was incredible and caused yelling crowds it was very disappointing not to see a F-15 demonstration, no B-2 fly-by or any other of the USAF aircraft in the air, and the regular airshow visitor will even be amazed about the fact that there was no F-16 – besides the Thunderbirds ones, of course – in the air.


A-10A Thunderbolt II

381 ---- 382 ---- 383 ---- 384

F-117A Nighthawk

385 ---- 386 ---- 387 ---- 388

QF-4E Phantom II

389 ---- 390 ---- 391 ---- 392
393 ---- 394 ---- 395 ---- 396

USAF Heritage Flight

397 ---- 398 ---- 399 ---- 400

Freedom FoodThe flying ended at 16h30 with some thundering sneak passes of the QF-4E, as its pilot had his last flight that day on the good old Phantom II after some years as a Heritage Flight pilot.
That end might seem quite early for a regular airshow, but in Nellis it already got dark at that time of the year. For the final fly-bys of the Phantom after the Heritage Flight for example the sun was already gone.

Aviation Nation 2007 clearly represented the "Heritage to Horizon" by presenting aerial displays from WWII, Korea and the Vietnam area together with the noticeable lack of modern aircraft that is most possible caused by the recent involvements in America's global war on Terrorism.


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