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X. Czech International Air Fest
CIAF 2003

Airport Brno / Turany





The 10th edition of the Czech International Air Fest (CIAF 2003) was exceptionally not held at the military airfield of Hradec-Kralove but at the civil airport Brno. There have been a lot of roumors and different reasons reasons have been mentioned for this action, but I will not continue to speculate about it. The fact that no Czech MiG-21 neither opened the flight display as previously had been announced nor one could be seen in the static display speaks for itself as well as for the condition and the problems of the airforces of the former Warsaw Pact. Another big announcement in the programm have been the the four Su-27 of the Russian Knights, which also did not appear due to the same reason why Suchoi does not send its aircraft to Paris or Farnborough… You might think now 'well, he must really have been dissapointed there after an 6hrs drive', but I haven't as I always enjoy the (airshow) atmosphere in the Czech Republic and there have also been a lot of


THE great surprise has been the Canadian Tiger Hornet of the 410sqn. 'Cougars' that crossed only for this show the Atlantic together with a two seater wearing ' Centennial of flight / Centenaire de l'aviation' markings on the tail . I have been really puzzled when I saw these birds, but when I asked a crew member about the Tiger, he told me: 'we have been invited to this show and for the flight display, and if we are invited we are bringing our baby!'. 10 out of 10 points for the Canadian Air Force. Let's all hope that they will do that more often in the future!!

The Eastern participation

Other interesting participants came from the Balkan, with a Super Galeb in the flight display, an Soko J-22 Orao and a An-24 in the static display. Furthermore there has been the L-159 ALCA in the air and an Albatross and a L-159 on the ground. The only participant from the Czech AF in the air was an Mil Mi-24, another helicopter of the same type was sent by the Hungarian Air Force was sent as well for the flight display and finished with the release of some nice flares! From Poland came the Iskra Team and filled the blue czech sky with the polish red and white.

The jets from the West

A strong participation came also from the US. In the static have been 2xF-16Cs,2xF-15Es, 2xA-10s accompanied by a KC-135. From the UK was a Harrier and a Hawk on the ground, another Hawk that spotted a special '100 years of flight'-sticker took part in the flight display as did the Jaguar solo demo. Mirages could be seen as well, 2 Cs and one D, 3-IA, with 4 bomb drop markings. Of course no show is complete with F-16, this time they came from Holland and Belgium (both flying). To come to an and I am still mentioning the German AF and Navy. They arrived with a lot of special colours: the F-4F 37+96 'Wild Horse' from Hopsten, the 'Blue Lightning'-Tornado 44+31 of JaboG31 Boelcke and the two Navy Tornados 45+30 and 46+20.

Something's missing…?! Yes, of course! All the MiGs and Suchois you have expected to see in the Czech Republic, but, what the heck, when you sit down in the evening with a good cold beer and think about the Canadian Tiger, the excellent photo possibilites you don't care anymore… And already start to think where you might see some next year ;)
And now enjoy the photos, there is still some more to discover!

I'd like to express my thanks to Aloisius and Stonecool for their nice accompaniment and P. for the flightline tour!