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TigerstaffelHörsching currently holds a unique, and for the photographer a very interesting, position within the AuAF as three squadrons equipped with very different aircraft are based there:
The Tigerstaffel (Tiger Squadron) is still using the Saab 105OE as trainers and will fulfil this role in the near future to prepare the pilots for the Eurofighter once the F-5 Tigers have been returned to Switzerland. They will then serve the pilots in the transition phase from the Pilatus PC-7 to the Eurofighter Typhoon to get used to the performance and the handling of jet aircraft and vitally complement the training flights in the simulator. To ensure this the small jet trainer will be refitted with a modern glass cockpit to facilitate the customisation process.

Saab 105OE

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Ca130 RampThe Lufttransportstaffel (LTSta - Air Transport Squadron) is currently equipped with three C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft that have been acquired from the RAF. These aircraft are used to support the Austrian troops that currently fulfil their duty abroad and can also be deployed in the case of humanitarian relief missions.
The very impressive flying capabilities of the Hercules were shown during a demonstration flight above Austria. The view out of the opened cargo ramp was very remarkable when flying over glaciers or when climbing up steeply after a low level flying part. A view in the clearly arranged cockpit during the flight finally topped the impression of this very useful 'tool'.
Two more helicopter squadrons finally complete the variety of aircraft types at Hörsching. They are equipped with 12 AB 212 helicopters. Their duties which mostly consist out of transport duties were also demonstrated during a flying including a low level part where the pilots skilfully manoeuvred in a flight level of only some meters.


C-130K Hercules

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AB 212

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