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HeliThe last stop of the trip has been at the Airbase Brumikovski at Langenlehbarn/Tulln near Wien (Vienna). With its proximity to the Austrian capital Tulln is also the headquarter of the Air Force and home of the Fliegerwerft 1 (aircraft repair shop), 3 helicopter squadrons operating 9x S70A-42 Blackhawk, 11x OH-58 Kiowa, 11x AB206 Jet Ranger and a fixed wing squadron with 13x PC-6 Pilatus Porter and the last two remaining Shorts SC-7 Skyvan.
PorterThe pilots were very proud presenting their most modern Blackhaws and reporting about the successfully accomplished missions with the aid of this helicopter. To ease the farewell another flight was offered in a formation of 4 PC-6, with the possibility to get a feeling of its short-flied starting and landing capabilities together with some chances for photos, even though the weather was not very favourable that day. Skyvan
Even though this trip did not even happen six months ago, the AuAF is already only some days ahead of its big restructuring and the things and future events will be very interesting to watch. I am sure that the personnel will take all the best out of this process to improve even more the performance and effectiveness of this small and very interesting Air Force.
All the very best and see you at latest for the Airpower08 air show!


Repair Shop

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S70A-42 Blackhawk

106 ---- 107 ---- 108 ---- 109 ---- 110

OH-58 Kiowa & AB206 Jet Ranger

111 ---- 112 ---- 113 ---- 114 ---- 115
116 ---- 117

Pilatus PC-6 Porter

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126 ---- 127
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