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Youth Hostel near Sendai

Japan 2005

Plain civil spotting

31/10 - 18/11/2005

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> Tokyo.

Last words&FAQ



Day 15, Tokyo - Haneda, 13/11

visitors deck at hanedaWith the prospect of spending our next nights in youth hostels, love hotels or our car leaving the hotel was not easy at all, but we still had to photograph some aircraft, and we decided to be again in Akeno the next day. Going south was good, because this Sunday we went to Haneda to photograph some civil aircraft once again for a change. We met Lars, who helped us from Tokyo with very useful information during the preparation of our trip, in the hotel lobby and he showed us the way to Haneda. Amongst a lot of Tokyo citizens, who obviously spent their week-end with the family at the airport, we tried to snatch some of the photo holes in the fence to take the mainly blue and red aircraft of ANA and JAL.

Tokyo Haneda: general overview

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Pokemon & other special colours

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other (inter)national traffic

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Mt. Fuji!!Chatting with Lars the day passed by quite fast and was highlighted by severely special coloured aircraft. Especially the Pokemon Jets seemed to drive the whole crowd on the observation deck mad, including us because it was really difficult to night drivingget good photos when you get hustled all the time. At around 3pm clouds came up and got boring because we have already taken enough photos, and had a long drive before us. Going to Akeno took a really long time and we arrived there sometimes during the night. I cannot remember the exact time, but it did cost around 10.000Yen and, the most important thing, we did not run into a police control around Matsusaka!!!
Once again we found a strange love hotel, and there was also a strange chair in our room that you will usually only find at the gynaecologist. But I will not go into details now…

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