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Tsuiki Airshow

... great, as this type gets quite rare these days in Japan. JGSDF helicopters present were a UH-1 and OH-1, and from Kanoya the JMSDF provided a P-3C (or P-3CJ as it was applied on the sign) Orion. airshows/14_tsuiki/static ...

Kyushu Warriors

... 2 special/12_nyuta/F-153 special/12_nyuta/T-4 Not far from Nyutabaru is Kanoya, the main base of the JMSDF. If you need a change from all that jet sound at Nyutabaru, head down South and enjoy t ...

Japan & China 2010

... the hotel and decided to go to Kanoya around midday the next day. The navigation said 2hrs for 120km... special/10_asien/04so Nyutabaru & Kanoya The emotions at Nyuta in the morning were mixed a ...

Japan December 2009

... eaking chutes behind them. special/09_japan2/16_tsuiki special/09_japan2/16_tsuiki2 On the hill an elderly man also approached me and told me stories when Tsuiki and Kanoya where the starting po ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... e could clean the stepladder and the shoes... Before starting the drive to Kanoya we completed the tour around the airport and wanted to see the Coast Guard Saab 340, which we already saw from the ot ...

Planespotting Tour Japan 2008

... s we decided that there was no use staying any longer and started our drive to Kanoya. But despite the bad weather we will remember Kagoshima as an airport with a really good accessibility and comfortab ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

...  we wanted to have a first look at Iwakuni and would reach Tsuiki late, being able to visit the Airshow on Sunday. Week 2 Monday and Tuesday were blocked for Nyutabaru and Kanoya, a Navy base. Nyutabar ...

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